• Françesca Alessandro

Fragility of Narcissism

Updated: Mar 22

Fragility of Narcissism is a series of work that looks at the artists confidence and empowerment. Alessandro plays the role of both photographer and model, the piece of porcelain is also a Francesca Alessandro creation adding to the artists narcissism. For many centuries women have posed nude in self-portraits and portraiture, they have filled imagery which has ended up used for the pleasure of others rather than becoming a statement of empowerment for them. The victorian era pornography and more recent idea of the “red light district” influenced Alessandro’s work, taking these themes that have been seen as derogatory towards women and flipping them to be a tool of power for women giving her control of the imagery. The mix of black and white art paper prints and the glossy colour polaroids creates a clash of the old and new ideas, as well as linking the work to Alessandro’s influences. Alessandro pushes the idea of narcissism and the photographers ability to fill the image with herself, she takes control of every element of the image and focuses it on herself. Although the medium of art complicates the models own empowerment, it is the viewer who decides whether she is empowered or objectified, they hold the final piece of control. As much power Alessandro places on her work and each detail within the images, she releases her power and control when she publicises the pieces, she must leave it up to the viewer to decide what her work represents to them.

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