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Updated: Mar 22

I’ve found that my work has been taken down for being too sexual, even when using black bars to cover my boobs and vagina it still get banned. One of the points on their rules of use is not to show an excessive amount of skin, does this mean that even a bikini would be too much skin on show? What constitutes an excessive amount and Considering the amount of topless guys in shorts is this rule more towards women’s use of the internet. The internet can be a great place one that is very freeing but it can also be very restrictive, instagrams female nipple ban has caused controversy for restricting women’s freedom but also for allowing mens nipples even if pasted on top of women’s boobs. Nipples on men and women are equal they are both able to create pleasure in some and have little sensation in others, so why is it that women are the only ones without freedom, why are straight men so out of control, I mean I don’t hear gay men being unable to control their bodies over a topless guy or a gay women being so out of control at the sight of boobs. Or is this still a problem of male ownership of women’s bodies, sex is still a topic that is censored by both men and women and it is still used as a topic to control our bodies.

I like to use my imagery to free the female form of it's control especially under the male gaze, I create my own portrait from my own gaze, it's the closest reflection of ones self. I find it frustrating that I cannot further my own empowerment because one of our most vital tools as artists bans my work. Why can't there be more of a discussion over these topics and not just an outright ban on the topic!

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