• Françesca Alessandro


Updated: Mar 22

She stares at her own reflection Falling desperately in love with her own image She promises the world to her Whilst thinking of everyone she loved before Their love becomes meaningless to her The reflection looks softly in contemplation They are connected, married to one body Her hand caresses the vines that bind them The sensation spreads like a fire through her body It burns away every feeling of loneliness Beneath the flames there is only her left She pours water over her now sensitive skin The wetness smooths the path of her hands She Moves over mountains pinching at their peaks Grazing past her stomach She pauses and inspects it’s flatness Before continuing along her body Brushing along her rouged swollen lips She becomes addicted with her touch The other hand strokes down her neck Electricity strikes in a bolt through her fingers The sparks strike through the reflection The glass shatters

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