• Françesca Alessandro

Ink Photographs

Updated: Mar 22

For this series I applied ink to my photographs this is to create a control of the colour within the image and what each colour means. For the work I create colours contain important connotations and so must only be applied where relevant. The Photographs that I have used for this piece are from a series I have created looking at past female self-portrait artists and comparing it tothe female representation in paintings.

The tones of ink in this series are soft to match the softness expected of me, I carry strong features which give me power within these images, buy placing soft colours over me I become more placid. The main colours are pinks and purples, both colours considered to be feminine, I place these colours over the harsh lines and folds in my skin to soften them to the expected standard. As much as I try to soften the images I bring my body out of the image and make it's lines stronger, and as much as I alter myself to fit in to the ideal I am still at the mercy of the viewer.

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