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Sewn From My Roots

Updated: Mar 22

Sewn From My Roots is a installation piece that shows the bond between a mother and her daughter, one where not only does the child learn from her mother, but the mother begins to unfold truths about her own childhood. Together they sew onto one single sheet of fabric using a skill they were taught by their mothers, a skill that has allowed women to tell stories even when they were not allowed to be novelists or poets. Within the audio of the piece their voices fight through the sound of their stitches as they unravel their stories with spoken poetry. This all happens within the soft velvet interior of a confessional of sorts, a place where many stories have been told. But instead of confessing you will be invited in through the velvet curtain to take your place on a single stool, where you will then listen and reflect upon these nurtured words passed down through the needles of the matriarchy.

The installation is currently on show as part of the BA(hons) UoS Photography class exhibition 'Process' at University of Suffolk Waterfront Gallery, Neptune Quay, IP4 1QJ. The exhibition is currently on until the 26th of January, although the gallery is closed over Christmas and will reopen on the 3rd of January.

The dates that my installation will be turned on are as follow:

12pm-4pm Thursday 4th January

12pm-4pm Thursday 11th January

10am-4pm Friday 12th January

11am-4pm Tuesday 16th January

10am-4pm Thursday 18th January

10am-4pm Friday 19th January

11am-4pm Tuesday 23rd January

10am-4pm Thursday 25th January

10am-4pm Friday 26th January

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