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My Instagram Autobiography

Updated: Mar 22

This is a piece of work I created at university on autobiography, which I had to use Instagram as a way to present the images. In this project I looked at my past relationship and the unhealthiness of it, which led me to hit rock bottom. I also look at the ways in which I have been objectified and abused whilst growing up and linking this to how I accepted the behaviour in the relationship, creating a short and tragic story of my life. This was the beginning of me taking control of my past and no longer apologising or standing up for those who had hurt me. For many people it can be difficult to accept that they were a victim and the other person was in the wrong, especially when it is reinforced in abusive relationships that you are at fault. It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I can write this down and show you the work with more of an insight than just some cryptic numbers.

This work show three points in the narrative, the sexualisation of a child, the abuse in a relationship, and the death of that part of my life. The numbers link to each section with 5-14 linking to the 5 males who sexually objectified me as a child under the age of 14, 1-17 links to the age when I was in the bad relationship, and 1-18 to when I ended it. The three images in the first column are the first part of the story and then it moves across the columns. Each part is reinforced by being represented as an acrylic painting, a collage, and as an ink painting. The colours in the painting go from an optimistic yellow and pure white, to an angry and aggressive red, and ending in a dark and gloomy black. This shows the way I slowly let myself fall away and how I stopped believing in what I could do and who I was. The collages show scans including a train ticket and music box I kept from when I was a child, The scanned pages are of a diary entry I wrote on the relationship and how it affected me, and the last scan is of a card I received in the relationship in which he claimed to love me. I lay the scan over self portraits depicting me as a sex symbol, in anguish, and of death.

This story is called Making Françesca Alessandro as when I ended the relationship I decided that I needed some structure in my life which is why I decided to go to university. While I was at university I found myself as and artist and renamed myself Françesca Alessandro.

Here are the images so can look at them individually.

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