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Poetry Beginnings (Warning: Flashing Images)

Updated: Mar 22

For the past couple of months I have been writing poetry about my mind and my struggles, I have found myself feeling more detached from photography as I look at where I want to take my work. When I began my degree I was still in the mindset that art must be realist, whereas I had already started to use photography as a way of capturing an idea or feeling. As I have moved further into my photography degree it has become more focussed on the competence one must have at capturing a well executed photograph. This was never my vision of my work which is why I have not created any recent photographic pieces. Whilst my concern over the future of my photography has gone on I have begun to explore other techniques and mediums for my artwork. Whilst living in such a small space makes most of these difficult, I have found poetry to be one that is more challenging to create but takes less of my space up. This is the first time I have chosen to show my poetry and as it is so personal (and quite blunt in it's description), I have found it harder to feel ready to present it. With my paintings I could always hide behind it's abstraction, as the viewer deciphers the work in the way that they feel is right, there is less interpretation to words. My first three poems I have chosen to show about who I see myself as and how I feel we must fit into society. My struggle with openness and my need to appear perfect is something which I have looked at in these, and something which I have written often. These aren't as distressing as some of my poetry but if you are easily triggered I would advise you not to look at my poetry. I would appreciate comments to help me improve my writing, this is just the beginning of this work!

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