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Updated: Mar 22

As I have mentioned on my social media, I have decided to turn some of my artworks into products that you can buy. I have for many years been against the sale of my work in this manner due to the fact that I want the meaning of my work to be detached from commercialisation. Unfortunately there is a limit on the reach of a message if the idea is not available to the masses, so I have decided to turn some of my works on gender into products that can be used or displayed in your home. The pieces are bold and help you speak up on inequality! I hope this helps break down stereotypes about gender and boosts you to feel confident being who you want to be! To check it out click here!

I am also looking to sell some of my painting and prints online to help me fund the creation of new works, It will be around October when this is sorted as I need to make a few more decisions on how is best to do it. I'll let you all know when it is up!



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