• Françesca Alessandro

Unloved and Abused

Updated: Mar 22

Unloved and Abused is a project looking at domestic abuse and the way it can appear hidden when the effects of the abuse can be so prominent. Françesca Alessandro uses different processing techniques to create a violent feel to the image. The piece uses two portraits one of a woman and the other a mannequin, the two models create a juxtaposition between the ideal and the real. The mannequin is bold and beautiful, it shows no emotion staring blankly out to the side of the photograph. The woman is also bold and beautiful but there is more to her, there is a life and there is emotion in her eyes. There is more of a connection with the women, there is a sense of sadness leaving you wanting to know about her life. Alessandro has completed the piece by framing the portraits, the glass has been shot causing distortion in the portraits. All these decisions made by Alessandro create a piece that shows the distortion between how the relationship may be seen from the outside and the damage caused to the victim/s within the relationship. The atmosphere of the series is very sinister, especially when the photographs are framed to look like family photographs hung on a wall.

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