I Need Feminism Because...



'I Need Feminism Because...' was Françesca Alessandro's first project that focused on feminism, it is also part of her change from using art to create photorealist painting to creating conceptual art. In this project Alessandro uses a 19th century corset pattern, which is a piece of clothing that was used to repress and restrict women, to form the canvas for her message. She uses embroidery, an activity women were allowed to partake in, to write out the reasons why people need feminism. Alessandro has made the corset embellished and regal, allowing it to be eye-catching in any lighting and causing peoples eyes to gaze across the messages inscribed over the fabric. Yet despite the power Alessandro has put into the corset, the shoulder-less dress that lies beneath is unfinished. She has Left it unfinished to show the viewer that although feminism is talked about in the news, little action towards making the change for equality has happened.

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