Cinematic Role Reversal



Françesca Alessandro looked at the role of men and women portrayed through cinema in her project ‘Cinematic Role Reversal’, she noticed that even in modern cinema men and women are still expected to play parts that are misogynistic. The women tend to follow the man, helping him on his journey of discovery, but not lead her own discovery. The women also tend to be in very feminine roles, where she is a mum, looking for a husband, or she will be employed within the Service or Arts sector. The men then play the more powerful roles, leaving the women to be quite passive and submissive. There are movies that depict the genders as equal or show women in power, but Alessandro presents the reversed gender roles to the extreme and not just to the hollywood standard of a dominant woman. This creates a piece that seems ridiculous and unacceptably emasculating, yet it is only seen as ridiculous because the man is now in the absurdly unequal “feminine” role. If it is seen as ridiculous in this scenario why can it be so acceptable when reversed?